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All Human Development is an Altar of Satanism

As a Satanist we rightly point out that reality is best represented with a symbol of death (as all life dies), evil (as nature is violent and all benevolence comes from materialism), that the weak are dominated by the strong etc, but just because we point out that this is the way the world is, does not mean that we automatically think it is how the world should be. Indeed, in admitting the prominence of death, we reinforce our own joy at being alive and therefore our religion is anti-natural, unnatural. We are moral, social beings who can consciously understand our own biology and impulses and control them; thereby changing the amoral course of nature.


"Errors in Thinking: Cognitive Errors, Wishful Thinking and Sacred Truths" by Vexen Crabtree (2008)

Undefiled Wisdom

I worship truth. I worship reality. The best symbol of reality is Satan. In order to be true to my beliefs, I must seek out the truth, to know. In Satanism, the self is God. Out of the self comes one's own experience of life. This experience of life is sacred. A Satanist does not pollute this life with skewed perceptions of reality. To have a skewed perspective on reality is, for a Satanist, to worship a falsehood. Satanism is the worshipping of truth and reality, and the abolishing of falsehood, deceit and lies. There is no 'good and evil', just subjective Human judgments.


The Nature of Satanism as History

Satanic belief is not a reactionist spiritual inaccuracy. Satanism did not rise as favor to or upon christianity's coattail. Satanists do not thrive on the malcontent of christendom and if we do ennui is to blame. Black Magic and forms of proto-satanism materialized long before christianity. Primitive Satanism need not be defined by the early efforts of christianization and the attacks on Pagan Gods or the Roman Empire. A rhetorical christian pride asks the Satanist, "Where would you be without me?". This defensive posture can only come from a fundamental paranoia. Reoccuring christian incredulity is a salient score which begs muting ∵ Satan exists before and was indeed cherished prior to a Nazarene demagogue. If evil is such folly, be reminded the caricature of crucifixion is patronized to the point of symbolic nausea.

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